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PRE-Move Checklist: How To Prepare For A Stress-Free Career-Related Relocation

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Written by Henry Moore 

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Before relocating for a job, there are various aspects that you must consider. Whether your current employer is moving to another location or your newfound job is in a better location, relocating for this purpose will involve moving with your partner, children, and pets to a new city or neighborhood — sometimes in a different state.

While this can be very stressful, the secret is to know what to do and when to do it. Fortunately, moving should occur in steps, thus eliminating the need to do everything simultaneously. A good rule of thumb for a low-cost and stress-free career-related relocation is to break up the big moving tasks into manageable chunks.

Last-minute relocations may seem difficult to accomplish but are still necessary. You could easily get overwhelmed after realizing how much you need to do. However, with proper planning, adjusting to new conditions in a new location could be easier for both you and your family. This blog post presented by Lake Homes Realty provides a pre-move checklist that will enable you to consider everything necessary to relocate.

Stay Organized

Since moving involves numerous complex logistics, it is necessary to stay organized and efficient. Besides the move itself, you may need to carry out tasks such as selling your current home, searching for a new home, and transporting your family and belongings.

As a result, it is essential to list all your objectives, like getting a real estate company to help with the selling and searching. Check out Lake Homes Realty if you want to sell or buy a lake house. Also, remember to update the list as new ideas come by, and check off the list once you complete an item. Besides enabling you to keep track of the gradations accompanying moving, it will also guarantee a smooth and seamless move.   

Plan a Reconnaissance to the New Location

Before moving, ensure that you visit and research the new location to familiarize yourself with the area. Similarly, making a pre-visit will allow you to explore the entire neighborhood to find the best location that meets your requirements. Alternatively, instead of a physical visit, you could research the area online and see its proximity to your new job. This includes visiting city government sites, online forums, and tourism sites to learn about the location.

Additionally, during your reconnaissance, research the living cost of your new location and compare it with your current neighborhood. If the living cost is higher, your company could adjust your salary although it isn’t guaranteed.

Seek Professional Help from Movers

A major perk of working with a professional moving company is their assistance when things seem a little bit overwhelming. While you shouldn’t leave every task for the movers, you could seek assistance during packing.

However, you may have to pay more for the labor and packing materials. But if you are moving in a hurry, ensure that you work with professionals to avoid inconveniences such as forgetting certain aspects and missing deadlines. 

Finding an Affordable House

Finding a new and affordable home for you and your family could be stressful to some extent. As a result, it is recommended to do so before the actual move. Locating a house that meets your financial needs and incorporates the features you are looking for is essential for a seamless move.

The key is to find a home that is close to your new job location and meets your budget. Renting an apartment or a home instead of buying can be a great compromise.

When scouting homes or apartments, you could find rental property listings online in your price range and location with your desired frills like the number of bathrooms and bedrooms to locate the perfect place for your work and family.

For example, if you’re moving to Colorado, narrow down your search by viewing 3D tours included in some listings for Denver apartments and homes. The ideal spot should provide local amenities, offer easy access to public schools, and provide a laid-back commute to work. Find something that's comfortable for you; if you had a one-bedroom apartment in Hoover, AL that you adored, try to find something similar in Denver, if possible. 

Pick a Moving Date

After finding an affordable housing option, it is time to decide on a moving date. Before settling for a specific date, factor in the current season and the possible impact on your schedule. This will enable you to accommodate the weather.  


Regardless of the help from your current company, set a moving budget to ensure a smooth moving process for your family. This includes accounting for moving and housing costs.  




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