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What you Can Do in New Hampshire During Fall Foliage

Meet Ernie!

This was my ride while I enjoyed some great outdoor activities last weekend. Recently, I discovered a unique offering for people to enjoy while getting some physical activity and family time together. Scenic Railriders located in Concord are Rail-Bikes reminiscent of the earliest pump car. You can rent either a 2 or 4 seat cart and enjoy peddling while seated, traveling over railroad tracks no longer in use. It was really fun and enjoyable lasting about 2 hours going in different directions. There were some lovely views to appreciate during the trip such as the Morrill Farm Dairy a family-run farm since 1925.
















The end of the trail is marked by crossing the 98 foot long metal truss bridge called Thru Plate Girder Bridge offering views of the Merrimac River. You can view the video here 

Now watch how they turn the carts around to head back.



Upon our return, I discovered that there are 2 Rail-Bike services in NH both of which opened up within 1 month of each other in 2019. The other one is located in Laconia as part of the Hobo & Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad Tour and called Rail Bike Adventures. Its trail follows along Lake Winnisquam. Both companies, Scenic Railriders, and Rail Bike Adventures operate through the end of October. Check to find out availability. 

While both are winding down now for the season you might still get in on some Haunted Halloween Fun at Rail Bike Adventures...SPECIAL PRE-HALLOWEEN EVENT PLANNED.


Both companies require reservations so make sure to plan in advance. But definitely give this special excursion a try when you are looking for some fun outdoor activities. The carts are really easy to peddle and you can go fast or slow depending on your capability or need to take in the scenery.














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