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The Best Advice For Chilly Weather Home Sales


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The Best Advice For Chilly Weather Home Sales


Written by: Suzie Wilson  Happier Home

Are you considering listing a property during the chillier time of year?  Fall and winter are often considered the “off-season” for the housing market, but in spite of cold temps, it can be a hot time to list your property.  Here’s how to capitalize on the timing and set yourself up for a successful transition.


Reap the benefits


In many ways, fall and winter get a bum rap.  There are actually important benefits in hitting the housing market during the so-called off-season.  For instance, only the serious house hunters are looking, and you won’t waste your time showing your property to people who aren’t planning to buy.  What’s more, there are fewer properties to choose from, so with reduced competition, your home can really stand out.  When it comes time to process the sale, things tend to move along swiftly as well.  The duration between contract and closing is minimal, so you can be on your way to your new house in no time.


Pare down for packing


Packing is one of those things that always takes longer than expected.  On top of that, if you must contend with Old Man Winter in the course of your move, packing carefully helps keep you and your belongings safe.  The last thing anyone wants is to slip on ice and become injured because a box was too heavy or something poked through the cardboard.  Plus, it’s an ideal time to pare down anyway, since decluttering is necessary when showing your property.  Having too much “stuff” can be distracting, preventing buyers from envisioning their own belongings there, and can even send the message the home isn’t well-maintained.  The perfect solution is to get a jump on packing while paring down. Check out some quick videos first to get some helpful insight on the best methods for handling difficult-to-pack items such as knives, kitchen gadgets, shoes, and cookware.


Smart staging strategies


Fall and winter are darker seasons, so making your home appear as bright and open as possible can increase appeal to buyers.  Start with your furniture to see if you need to pull things for storage or just do some rearranging.  As a rule of thumb, The Spruce suggests walking through each room to examine whether you can see baseboards in each area.  If not, consider removing some furniture.  Next, since it’s a dark time of year, make sure you open your curtains and turn on lights for showings.  You can even remove window coverings to let in as much sunlight as possible, and consider adding additional lighting in dim corners in the form of lamps, fixtures and accent lights.


Boost curb appeal


Landscapes tend to be dreary in winter, but there are plenty of ways to amp up your curb appeal so it beckons house hunters.  Trim back overgrown shrubbery or damaged branches, clean gutters, and make any needed repairs.  Make sure your entryway is bright and well-maintained.  Consider giving your front door a fresh coat of paint in a cheerful hue, replace your welcome mat, and put out some potted plants.  One idea is to use evergreens for plant decor since they manage the cold and add a little life, and you can even take them along to your next abode.   


Fresh, clean and comfortable


Whenever a potential buyer is coming to view your property, presenting it as clean and well-maintained gives the impression they can move right in.  Give yourself an advantage by giving your home a deep cleaning, going room to room and scrubbing top to bottom.  Keeping up with your clean house then becomes the challenge, especially if you have an active family and pets.  Winter weather presents additional ongoing cleaning challenges, so Nebraska Extension recommends setting up a spot at the door to catch dirty shoes and boots, adding a throw rug, and keeping a towel handy to provide quick cleaning for mucky paws.  Also ensure you maintain walkways and driveways for comfort and safety, especially in anticipation of showings.


You can turn the off-season into your secret for success in the housing market.  Prepare your home properly to attract buyers, and pack wisely for an easy transition.  Selling a home is easy when you know how to make the most of the season!


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