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7 Money Savvy, Stylish Ways to Organize Your Small Home


7 Money Savvy, Stylish Ways to Organize Your Small Home 

Written By: Suzie Wilson | |  happierhome     

Living in a smaller home doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style and storage. In fact, less living space means fewer opportunities for your home to become cluttered, which can help keep your stress levels lower and your anxiety down. When square footage and a tight budget are an issue, use these organizing hacks to keep your home tidy.


Pick Up Budget Storage Solutions


Keeping your home organized has been shown to boost your mental health. For small home owners on a budget, cost-effective storage solutions are a must. You can find cleaning and storage tips online, and then pick up furniture and containers that can add more storage to your home. Before you begin shopping, check online for money-saving deals and promo codes from major retailers such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond to add more cash to your savings as well.


Use Shelves to Add Space


When there’s no more room on your floors for furniture, it’s time to make the most of your walls. You can build attractive, functional storage into your home by installing shelves on your walls and in corners. Crate and Barrel has a large selection of unique, useful shelves in a variety of price ranges. You can take advantage of clearance sales and even earn money back on purchases from stores such as Crate and Barrel. If you are a bit crafty, you can also look for some DIY shelf ideas to add a personal touch to your small space. If you plan to spend a lot of money on arts and crafts for your decorations, sign up for Michaels Rewards to get coupons and specials in your online for your DIY shelf supplies.


Create Privacy With Curtains


If you are living in a smaller home, you may not have the same storage spaces as other homes. Closets and pantries can be impractical to build into these petite homes. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to use curtains and screens to set up your own storage spaces once you move in. Look for low-priced clothing racks or bars on sites like Amazon and then use them to build a small closet in a corner or even on a wall near your bedroom. Be sure to sign up for Honey to save before you checkout to stay on budget. You can put up curtains to keep storage areas hidden when not in use and even add some colors or patterns to your decor.


Upcycle Thrifted Items


For budgets that are extra tight, thrift stores can be gold mine of retro, low-priced furniture and decor that you can upcycle in your home. There are so many ways to repurpose thrift finds into more storage in a small house, from fashioning a towel rack from a cheese grater to making shelves from books. Of course, you may need to pick up some basic craft supplies to complete your projects. However, thanks to savings from retailers like Hobby Lobby, crafty doesn’t have to mean dropping all of your savings. You can almost always find a money-saving coupon to save on regular-priced items, and these craft stores often have additional specials to save you more.


A smaller home and budget shouldn’t mean giving up on staying organized or staying stylish. With online coupons, promo codes, and discounts, as well as some tips from DIY guides and websites, you can get all the decor and storage solutions you need without exceeding the limits of your budget. So, get creative, get organized, and keep your home happy with these money-saving storage and home decor tips!


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