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4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean and Declutter Your Home


4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean and Declutter Your Home

Written By: Suzie Wilson  Happier Home

We all could use a little less mess in our lives. In fact, getting rid of clutter in your home can help you get rid of stress in your life. However, you also need to make sure you’re decluttering in an eco-friendly manner that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals or harmful practices.


When people clean using products and methods that are free of toxic or unsafe materials, and that are safe for the environment and human health, it is called green cleaning. Sound tricky? Well, green cleaning can be easier than you think with these simple tips.


Keep Large Items Out of Landfills


When people begin to declutter, they often start with some of the larger items they no longer use. That old mattress or outdated television certainly shouldn’t take up space in your home, but these items don’t belong in a landfill either. Each year, the world throws away 2.12 billion tons of garbage. Large furniture items and electronics filled with plastic will never decompose and end up polluting the land and waterways instead. Thankfully, many communities are coming up with solutions to the big garbage problem. You can search online for electronic and specialty recycling centers. Many of these services will pick up your items or pay for you to ship them and safely dispose of them in a way that won’t cause harm to the environment.


Go Digital with Photos and Papers


If you have tons of old photos and paperwork lying around your home, there’s a simple solution to getting rid of the clutter. Embracing cloud storage and keeping these items online is a wonderful way to keep all these old memories without filling up your storage areas. You should be able to use a simple scanner and a couple of afternoons to get your paper memories and documents into this digital storage solution. Many options are free, but you can pay for more storage or more tools to help you get more use out of your photos and files. And unlike storing these items on a hard drive, you don’t have to worry about losing anything in the event of a computer crash or loss of power.


Upcycle Old Furniture


Thinking about tossing out that old desk or coffee table? Before you do, consider giving your furniture a fun facelift. There are tons of helpful hacks to upcycle just about any spare item you have around your home. You can use paint, knobs, and stencils to put a truly unique touch on an outdated piece of furniture or home decor. Feeling extra crafty? Take all of those old wine bottles or crates you have in your garage and turn them into art and decor. You can build just about anything from wooden crates. From bookshelves to bars to coffee stations, there are hundreds of ways to upcycle old items and keep them from ending up in landfills. If you simply must give these items up, think about donating them to a thrift store or giving them away before you resort to tossing them out.


Make Some Green Cleaning Products


Once you’ve gotten rid of all the junk and clutter, it’s time to do a nice deep cleaning. Dust and dirt can build up quickly in your home and cause health problems for those living in it. Chemical cleaning products contain dangerous toxins, and continued exposure to these chemicals can have detrimental effects on your health and the environment. So, before you break out the broom and sponges, whip up these natural, non-toxic cleaning products to make cleaning a little easier. You can make effective, eco-friendly cleaning products with ingredients found in your kitchen. Store them in reusable bottles to have healthy options on hand at all times.


Green home cleaning doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few tweaks, you can make your usual cleaning routine a little better for the environment and your health. By keeping your home green and clean, you’re doing your part to preserve our planet for future generations to come.


Photo Credit: Pexels

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